Girlllll lemme Interview ya (Part 3)
Continuing my process in constructing Interview posts, here you see much more text and a picture positioned off to the side. When I do Interviews, I pretty much position the first two pictures after the page break on the left and the right. Then it's fair game to place them anywhere else throughout the interview. I try to gather lots of landscape style shots since they work perfectly after one question and before the next, mainly in a decent size amount of white space.

Many times I end up copy/pasting the questions and answers from a word document that was sent back to me all completed. I mentioned in the first part that this is usually how the Written Format works. Unfortunately due to the differing fonts used in Microsoft Word on default, sometimes the finished post looks vastly different when published. I click on the Preview button often while constructing each Interview to make sure it looks ok. 

The "F" button up at the top is the font selection and I typically go with either Arial or Times depending on how the end result looks. The 2 T's button next to that basically alters the sizing of the text. This is usually set to Normal if I have to change it. I bold out the questions and sometimes have to mess with the text coloring. That's only if the source i copied from is messed up for whatever reason.

SIDENOTE: I want to thank everyone for supporting me on the get go when I launched my Patreon late last month. There's supposedly some payments pending so hopefully they'll be sorted out, check your cards or whatnot to get that all sorted if you still would like to support me through tips! This year will be the real test in seeing how well I can keep my Patreon up. I may try to space out content much further since truthfully I support people on Patreon that update like once or twice a month. Maybe I won't go that route but something where my page won't feel completely dead but also that I'll have enough content saved to get through each month. GOOD THING I WRITE MOUNTAINS OF TEXT HUH? Thanks again so much for being here, I love you all <3