Girls! [Illustrative Art]
Background Information: This includes fan design art of Lindsay Jones and Mica Burton of Achievement Hunter. It is in reference to current GTA V Let's Plays on the Letsplay youtube channel/Achievement Hunter website with direct reference to their avatar's clothing.

This is the finished product of this work in progress. I definitely cleaned up Mica's face and made it look like her a lot more. I've only sketched her once before, so it was quite a challenge. Her GTA V outfit is one of my favorites, but it has a lot of texture and design work.  Seeing the skirt design made me want to keel over. I did a simplified version so I wouldn't actually keel over. 

I miss red haired Lindsay, but it's interesting to draw her as blonde. I figured since this would be more "accurate" of a drawing where I directly drew their avatar's, I would draw her current hair color and style. Still, RIP the red and bun.

This art overall was pretty fun for something I came up with very quickly. This will also have a quick turnaround and be posted to tumblr very soon since it's so late. I also streamed the entire process on Twitch.