A Girl's Best Friend
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Elizabeth loves her dog, but not in the way most girls do. He shares her excitement when she's happy, consoles her when she's sad, gives her company when she's feeling alone. He is always there for her, through the thick and the thin.

Their bond is immeasurable. He is not a pet, nor even a friend. He is a lover. A deep, passionate lover. There is nothing Elizabeth would not do for him, just as there is nothing he would not do for he.

When the season came, Elizabeth felt nothing but empathy for her dog: he had the urge, but no girl dogs to mate with. So she did the only thing that made sense to her: she propped herself up on all fours, putting a pillow behind her so her four-legged lover could reach, and offered herself to him.

It took no time at all for him to understand the meaning of her posture, between their deep bond and her wet, glistening pussy. Oh yes, she was excited. Her pussy was soaking at the thought of finally being truly one with her lover, bodies finally merging just as their souls did. Her womanhood ached - nay, throbbed - for his heavenly embrace, flesh enfolding flesh.

Her womb thirsted for his seed, to carry and nurture his puppies. She knew that could not come to pass, but her body longed for it all the same. Even if she couldn't carry his litter, she would be satisfied with him knotting her and letting loose his love.

That would be close enough for her.


So I actually made this a few months ago, as part of a social experiment that I never pursued.

Do NOT expect this to the norm with these sorts of animations, with extended length, full audio, and finishers. I spent something like 4 days on this, back when I made it.

I learned a fair bit when making this, such as how awkward audio in the Source Filmmaker is, or how fucking terrible of a model the daomutt is. I also learned, after the fact, that I didn't need to port the canine member myself, because it's apparently already on the SFMLab. Duly noted.