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Girls Girls Girls! Phoole & the Gang Show #137
If you love Phoole & the Gang, Squidlettes, Jane the Phoole, and all the Things I do, thank my Phoole Patreon Platoon. Their generous gifts grant me liberty to make the the Things happen - and there are SO MANY THINGS!

It is Very Late at Night (our ancient refrigerator finally perished, and we have been running around moving refrigerables and throwing out stuff that couldn't be saved and buying new refrigerators), so rather than recite a litany of All the Things right now, I will just say: THANK YOU. Because I can keep doing Phoole & the Gang, relationships I've developed with brilliant musicians continue to fill my inbox with incredible advance secret previews of tunes on which these artists are working. These artists come to the show and meet listeners and are so grateful for their tunes to be heard and enjoyed around the world through the Phooliverse. 

And it makes me so happy to connect good people in friendship. It's my favorite thing. 

Thank you. Thank you, Patrons!

Geneva Steam is this weekend - I'll be crazybusy this week prepping stock for sale, prepping audio equipment for load-out to the show (I'm allowed to DJ from my booth just for the enjoyment of our booth neighborhood) and pre-recording an audio-only show for Ideal for Friday. If you can make it out to Geneva Steam, it will be so good to see you - if not, we will surely see one another soon!

Massive love to you, PropellerGirl - it gave us great joy to spend time in the presence, and to stay up until 2:00 a.m. jabberjawing with you!