Girl's Wanderings ... In the beginning
I actually remember how it began.  My journey into this rather interesting lifestyle.  I was 18 years old and much outside what I knew about life.  I spent most of my childhood 'serving' in one capacity or another.  Much in the shadow of a sibling.  Many will relate to that one.  Inside all of that ... I grew up without my parents ever really knowing ... in service to others.  Enter the life of a consensual slave.

Yep ... that's me.  I have a collar and this is my 4 household in over 30 years.  Between then and now has been an interesting challenge.  I've had two children that were born to me.  Several others that were not but non the less a part of my heart as my own.  In total between all the houses thru the years, there are 23 of them, boys and girls.

In my second household I found myself embrassing a Polyamourous thinking.  I came to realize that it made sense to see the ability to have a loving feeling for more than one person at one time.  For instance, unless you have only one child ... do you love only one child or all of them?  Why is that said to be confined to only children?  Love is not something that you may contain.

And THAT is what my wanderings will touch on ... 

Life, Poly, family, love, passion, thinking and sex.