Giro updates
We're halfway through the 2016 Giro Rosa, and tomorrow the peloton hit the MORTIROLO!!!!! I'm a bit overexcited!

It's been such an interesting race - a lot less media than previous years, but on the glass-half-full side, with three wins you could describe as come-backs - and some really adorable win photos!  Dan and I will be romping through the first half of the race in tomorrow's podcast, but in case you missed them video, photos and more from...

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

(I don't want to give away too much, but I think the Aussies among you will especially love them!  I'll be adding more things to them as I see them...)

And I get asked a lot why the Giro is on at the same time as the Tour de France.  This is something that is too big to really talk about in tweets, so I've written my thoughts on it, and what the issues would be if it wanted to move:

Hope you're loving the race as much as I am....  roll on the mountains!