so here in new orleans, today is giveNOLA day. i made a few small donations earlier to some non-profits that some of my dear friends work for, but i wish i had more money to donate. there are so many awesome organizations that could do even better work with more money! and then i realized, well i may not have a lot of money but i do have some stuff i've been making sitting around that i haven't sold yet. so I'm going to give this a shot.

for those who have not been following along with my art life, since january i've been doing this patreon thing, trying to jumpstart my creativity again and get back to the business of making art. one of the most recent things i've become obsessed with has been painting on my empty spray paint cans. i use a lot of spray paint but also put a call out to folks to donate their leftover cans to me to recycle. it's not a new thing for me - i tried doing spray can art years ago, but more hand drawing/painting with paint pens. i never really liked the results so it's not something i delved into very deeply. but a month or two ago i decided to try to figure out how to better stencil on the curved surface of the metal cans - and i think i finally figured it out by using magnetic sheeting to cut the stencils! so i've been making all sorts of word-based cans, some single words, some phrases across multiple cans. i'll be unleashing them into the world soon.

the idea in making this particular stenciled spray can was always to donate whatever i made from its sale to an organization that centers/serves black lives and/or otherwise embodies the sentiment that black lives do indeed matter. it's one small way that i, as an anti-racist white person, can help, be an ally, be a co-conspirator - not just to make art that amplifies that message, but to then use the sale of that art to support organizations and causes that center/serve black lives.

so what i think I'm going to do is offer this can (and i will make more just like it if i get more than one taker) for a $25 or more donation today through the site to any nonprofit here in new orleans that centers/works for black lives. i will list a few groups that i am fond of down below but feel free to choose your favorite or any that fit the description.

all you have to do is make the donation yourself through the  website and forward me a copy of the confirmation email that they send you indicating that you made the donation. (send to: [email protected] com.) and i will either deliver to you in person or ship to you one black lives matter stenciled spray can. (i will cover shipping in the united states but if international, i might need some help.)

organizations to consider:

ashe cultural arts center


families and friends of la incarcerated children

la center for children's rights

roots of music

women with a vision

the center for ethical living and social justice renewal

mardi gras indian hall of fame

liberty's kitchen

vote - voice of the ex-offender

ya ya

and there are so many more that i know i'm forgetting or maybe don't even know about. feel free to add the names of others in the comments.

thanks y'all!

**edited to add: the site has had a lot of technical problems today - it basically crashed - but you can still make your donations via phone at  504.598.4663. or you can check the individual group's website for further instructions and just let me know somehow that you made the donation.