*Giveaway* 3 prints to lower-tier patrons.
When making my prints for my print eligible patrons, I accidentally cut some a little too small to be framable, by about 1/4 inch. It's not a big deal but if you're wanting to get a precut mat/frame vs. custom, it matters. (In the pic, the left one is too small, the right one is how they're supposed to be cut). So, I figured I'd offer these loose cut-too-small prints to 3 people from my lower tiers who aren't normally eligible to receive prints as a perk! I have 3 of these available, so I will be picking 3 folks from my lower tiers at random to send a print to, so heads up, I might be contacting you for your address! I'll post here in a comment when the selection has been made/acknowledged. Thanks everyone!