We're reviewing the new Blu-Ray set "Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Series"  and thought we would give away the series to one of our Patreons or SuperFans. If you'd like it, reply here, or in the SuperFan Forums, and in a week or so we'll use a random-number generator to pick a lucky winner. 

Well, maybe not so lucky, as I think most Trekkers will agree the series was less-than great, but regardless, it's your chance to win something!

Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Series features all 98 episodes digitally remastered in high-definition on 24 discs for the Blu-ray and on 27 discs for the DVD alongside a trove of special features such as commentaries, deleted scenes from select episodes and archival mission logs. 

Good luck, and may the Force be with you! (/me ducks) :-)


OK giveaway is now closed... headign to RNG... drumroll please... 

and the winner is Johann! Yay! 

Thanks everyone for entering and thanks again for all your support!