Giveaway! Clear Ear Automated Spiral OTO-Tip!

You all ears? OK, this one is fun and just a bit bizarre , ... we're giving away a Clear Ear Automated Spiral OTO-Tip! 

Amazing, right! :-D

EDIT: We have a winner... Mike Grady! Ears to him!

Clear ear Oto-Tip is a unique and effective daily ear cleaning device for consumers, dedicated to making ears happier. It was developed out of Stanford University's Biodesign Program. Unlike cotton swabs or hydrogen peroxide, clear ear Oto-Tip's patented spiral spin technology offers a safe, simple method to clean ears daily that actually removes ear wax without the risk of damage to the ear canal or ear drums.


So in other words, ditch the Q-Tips! Here you just press the button, stick it in your ear,  the tip rotates anticlockwise, and your ear wax surfs it way out on the spiral!

Post a reply below to enter, or send us an email or postcard if you are not a Patron, and in a few days Snaggy will pick at least one winner using the power of a random number generator! Ears to you!

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