Giveaway: Unpub: The Unpublished Card Game
It’s no secret we’re huge fans of the Unpub program for unpublished designs. So we’re very excited this month to be giving away a meta-game inspired by the group.

Unpub: The Unpublished Card Game by Dice Hate Me Games and Greater Than Games gets players to come up with game concepts and pitch them to the table. It’s also a great tool for designers to get their creative juices flowing.

Each of our past giveaways has only had one winner, but Chris Kirkman (who we interviewed earlier this year) is graciously letting us give away four copies to our patrons! (Your odds of winning this month are really good!)

And, as a bonus, the game’s designers, J.R. Honeycutt and Doug Levandowski, have offered to sign your copy if you can track them down.

We’ll randomly draw the name of four patrons (at the Associate level or higher) on Oct. 1, 2015. Pledge here if you aren’t already an Associate or higher.

Thanks again for your support!

~ Chris & Suzanne

PS--Congratulations to Associate Aaron Lim for winning Tesla vs. Edison by Artana Games in last month’s giveaway!