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Hey all! Apologies again for being so quiet here, I've spent most of this week moving stuff from one place to another, and packing things for storage. I am working on some commissioned pieces that I will hopefully be able to show you guys soon. I'll be giving away a random ACEO sketch doodle as last month's prize because I don't have time for much else right now, I will draw a winner within the next couple days! I also owe you guys a high rez print file and a digital stamp download, so I will get those ready for you soon. I switched to a monthly campaign a while ago because I was working so much, but now that I'm too busy I'd rather not charge per month if I'm not putting out a lot of work, which will be the case as I get ready to move, and get settled in my new home. I'm switching back to a per work set up for now, if I go back to completing a lot of work every month, I may go back to monthly, apologies for the chaos. Due to the move, I may not be able to ship rewards for a while, so I may have to change the way my Patreon is set up. I'd like to do giveaways to be mailed when I visit home, but that's a lot of waiting since I'll be in another country most of the time (a country with an awful postal system). At any rate, rewards for this past month will go out as usual, then I won't charge you guys for a while as I sort things out so they hopefully work out ok for everyone.
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