Giving Away = More to Give.
OK, so this is a funny photo of me -wearing one of my first hats- I get it. But I was currently falling off of the side of a second story deck of a friends house. I wasn't actually going to fall off, I had two of my best friends hanging on, but this is how I've felt  lately. Glowing, full, and just hanging on by a thread. Launching an album + a hat company. WHAT??

Somehow- and it's a short story- I ended up creating hats. I don't sew them, I don't actually do anything with them except get my artwork into the hands of a few individuals who get me some patches which are then put on the hats. I then work my butt off getting them into retail stores. 

It started with the desire to find a creative way to raise more money for my album. So I ordered 80 hats and three weeks later I was sold out. Success. So I purchased more, got some feedback and three months later here I am. 

My motivation isn't only sales- although that does have something to do with it. My motivation is that the more I create and give away, the more room I have to create. When an image is done and on a hat, I feel good about that. I feel done with it- that image part- and then I get to move on to creating more images. Same with music. When an album is completed, I then have more room to create new songs. The album Speak isn't even released just yet, but it's almost done, and already I've written two new songs. 

The more hats I sell the more time I get to spend creating music and art. I also get to give more money away to nonprofits who are doing incredible things in the world. I'm not a fan of selling out. But in this case. Selling out of hats, offering more art and music to the world through various avenues allows me to do that. 

It is the absolute best feeling when someone comes up to me and says, "I bought your hat! I love your art! It makes me so happy." OR " I listened to your song, it made me cry, I haven't been able to cry in months, because I've been holding it in. I feel so much better, thank you." 

I feel so honored to participate in that. 

 While I'm sold out as of now, you can buy your hats on my website.