Giving For It out For Free

Hey everybody!

I'm on a number of social media sites. I'm on your You Tubes, your Face Books, but do you know my oldest media home is?

It's actually on DeviantArt. YES, DeviantArt! The world capital of Sonic The Hedgehog porn! Well, believe it or not, there's other stuff too. I set up my page years ago with the hopes of posting my short stories. I actually had my original Caprice short story there for years. I deleted it once I published the book. Since then, I've pretty much ignored it except for when I need an artist for a project.

Lately, I've had a change of heart and have decided to post more of my work there for all the world to see for free. Now you can read my work for free. I'll be posting original work and even some of my fan fiction. Wanna see how I'd handle Wonder Woman? You can see it there!

Speaking of posting, I want to post more often here too. I wanna talk more than simply updates about my projects. Speaking of which, I'll be talking about Red Knight.