Giving Games for Unitarian Universalists
I'm happy to announce some major progress on spreading effective giving to a religious audience. In a culmination of many months of persistent work, we at InIn have succeeded in getting official blessings from  the Unitarian Universalist Association for a UU-themed Giving Games packet.

Giving Games are workshop-style events where participants consider a couple of pre-selected charities, have a discussion about their values for giving and the relative merits of the charities, and make a real donation to their favorite. 

This event combines decision-making and effective altruism, in a perfect fit for two of my biggest areas of civic activism. I've worked for a long time to get official blessings for it. I've hosted both regular and speed Giving Games in UU contexts, went to the UU General Assembly, promoted the event to individual members, and adapted a Giving Game packet to UU needs. 

Finally, this work is paying off! I'm really happy that the UU Association approved it as an official UU event. This is a quite big deal, as the UUA is a large religious denomination - it has over 1000 congregations around the world, with most congregations having 1 to 5 staff people and a church building: So we are making major progress on both advancing wise decision-making and effective giving. 

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