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Giving Talks At Conferences
I've just been at this conference called FITC for the last 3 days. It's in Toronto and Juliana and Jupiter came with me because Juliana has old friends up here, who we've been staying with. It's been super fun! I really like public speaking. I get pretty nervous beforehand, but once I'm up there, I always have a lot of fun. This time I even broke out Everything Man at the end and danced around a bit: I met a lot of really cool people - especially some of the other speakers. One talk that I went to was called "Everydays" and it was by someone named "Beeple". I was a little skeptical at first, like, "Who's this other dude talking about making things everyday?!" but it was hilarious what happened after that. He was super, super nervous - he'd never given a talk before. He started off by apologizing because, having seen everyone else's talks, he realized that he was woefully unprepared. He had no heartfelt stories, no funny videos or gifs, in fact, he had no pictures of any kind. Just lots and lots of bulleted lists. Bulleted lists are like "What Not To Put On The Screen When Giving Talks 101". It turned out that his bulleted lists were hilarious though. Like, super self-deprecating and silly. At the top of his first bulleted list, which was titled something like, "A List of Things You Should Be Doing Instead of Listening To This Talk" was the line: "Going Out To The Lobby To Watch Jonathan Mann's Talk On YouTube Because His Has All The Same Points As Mine But Is Much Better In Every Way". I was flattered and he definitely won me over. :-) It turned out that I had seen Beeple's (Mike is his real name) work. He's been making something everyday for longer than me: 2,905 days! Almost 2 years more than me. I hate that! He does an interesting thing, too. Each year, he works on slightly different projects. It's always visual. Check it out: Anyway, we went out to lunch afterwards and I had a great time talking to him - we had a lot to discuss and it's always fascinating to hear just how similar someone's experiences can be when they're also making something everyday. We talked about conferences and giving talks and we both sort of realized that it's kind of a sham, when we give our talks telling people to go make more stuff. Because really what they're doing is just sitting there listening to us, and then they're going to watch a bunch of other talks. The best talk about being more creative would just be to tell everyone to take the 45 minutes that they would be listening to you talk and make something. That would be the best.