This holiday weekend--despite its disturbing historical provenance rooted in colonial celebrations of the Native American genocide--offers an always welcome prompt for gratitude. I give thanks this year for lots of things, including the incredible experiences I've enjoyed playing revolutionary music for audiences from San Francisco and San Diego to Black Rock City and Washington, DC.

In the last month, I've had a chance to DJ & MC two events that will ring in my mind for a long time: Youtopia, in the mountains outside San Diego, and Catharsis on the Mall, across the street from the White House at the foot of the Washington Monument.

At Youtopia, beyond playing beats for 10 hours over the course of the weekend, my favorite highlights included talking during my Saturday set to a dozens of naked people about the uprising in St. Louis, reminding them in rhyme about the opportunity to give thanks for the privilege of inhabiting a celebratory space while others continue to fight simply for the right to exist.

At Catharsis, I had the chance to finish my DJ set--on Abraxas, a golden dragon built on the back of a school bus, in the hours just before dawn as the event came to a close--by leading the crowd in a chant directed at our nearby kleptocrat-in-chief:

"Immigration is the irrigation
of an ignorant nation
that lost its patience. That's why
all the walls have got to go
from Palestine to Mexico!"

Whatever the origin of Thanksgiving, I appreciate the notion of conscious gratitude. And among my deepest thanks go to my patrons, who've supported my art and helped make my music possible. I hope very much to make you proud!