Giz's Theme for the First Collection REVEALED
Dear Patrons,

I have been going back and forth between themes for a month now.

What shall I explore? What shall I put into my imagination? What shall I share?

One day I woke up with "Spring" in my heart and my mind. Couple of hours later the news arrived. A suicide bomber had exploded in Istanbul, in Taxim where some of my friends live and work, from where I live 10 minutes by car...

So I had a change of heart... but not a change of theme.

I have started thinking about how would I celebrate spring's arrival when the collective reality I live in screams fifty shades of violence, brutality, discrimination, sexism, ugliness, nonsense etc. (this list can go on forever but shall not in here...)

This is how I do. When I find myself in times of trouble, Mother Nature talks to me… Tells me: “imagine with me.” That day I decided what my theme was, was also the day of Spring Equinox. I remind myself no matter how we, humans, pollute our world: spring is still coming. And it deserves to be celebrated more than ever.

So I will look into ancient civilizations, symbolisms, imaginations, paintings, poetry etc. I will look into my own being how I transit from winter to spring. I will look into my creativity how it shifts from winter to spring.

Spring is what I shall be exploring. What I shall be experiencing. What I shall be learning. What I shall be creating with. What I shall be sharing.

No matter what happens in our human space...

Spring is still coming.

I am ready to spring, are you? Are you joining along? Please do.

Sending you loads of love. 

Creatively Yours,