GJ-bu: the game?! [continue reading]
Maybe?! There's currently no finished product, but I've been working on something.

I think this was at most three months ago. I was talking with a friend and the subject came up that a GJ-bu fan game in the style of the Paper Mario series would be really fitting, so some time later, here we are. I've only worked out the basics in my spare time, but it's starting to look like something!

This is all done in Unity, by the way. After I got basic movement working with the keyboard, the next thing I wanted to see was a nice animated sprite, so I started working on that:

It took a bit of trial and error to decide how to adapt the Paper Mario style, but I think this is okay for now. It could always change later, but I'm pretty happy with this!

She's not animated yet, so that's the next step. I'll probably use Photoshop to do it frame by frame... then there's also the back view to draw and animate, and then all the other characters, too. There's a lot left to do, but I think it'll be a fun project.

There you have it. Part of why my Patreon drawings got behind schedule a month ago was because I spent too much time working on this (tehe). I think it's worth sharing, so I'll post updates whenever I make enough progress!