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Glad I don't have to do this alone...
Hey everyone, 

It's been a crazy year, lots of successes, but one ongoing sort of dragged out failure that has been in the back of my mind... what am I doing about the Instrument Rating - am I really going to let that beat me? 

It is hard to put into words the feeling of seeing all the support that was shared via the comments on YouTube when I published this the other day. 

I considered not making it a paid post here, but I actually did work a lot harder than I meant to on the editing, so it is legit... That said, going forward, the plan is to NOT work hard on editing these "IFR status vlogs".  The energy needs to go toward the test prep and training.  

Most of these will include flying like this one... But I am also thinking some will be sharing the less exciting parts of the IFR training / test prep, like sitting in Osama's kitchen and going over sample test questions; maybe I'll boil down some of the best learning moments or written test prep things that I am having trouble with.  Would you want to see "IFR status vlogs" that don't include flying footage?  I'll still be sure to edit them in a way that doesn't feel like watching paint dry. 

All that said, I rarely publish anything that I didn't work harder on than I should have :P. 

Why don't we put it to a poll - should these vlogs (which will be public) be paid or free posts here?  At most it will bring me to 4 monthly paid posts (like a regular episode every 2nd Friday, and one of these every 2nd Wednesday or so).

Thanks again for the support - This is a weird sort of personal journey that I am on, in a very public way - but it really seems to be resonating with the community and encouraging others - so despite being really hard, the whole thing is also very rewarding.