I'm still working on Sleeping Beauty page 3 I should have it ready for posting tomorrow. I was taking a break on Thanksgiving and experimenting with airbrush. I usually use fine point pen but I thought I add a little to the tool box so to speak. I was just playing around and seeing where is led me, but it started to look like a cool Glam Rock image so I pulled from my past works and brought back a character I created in 1998 I believe but it could have been 1997 anyway the character was from a independent 'zine trade' comic book I wrote and drew called 'The Ballad of Baby Blue' and Baby Blue of course was the main character, the inspiration of Baby was Bowie, Jobriath, and the fictional Brian Slade of the film Velvet Goldmine. This is what I would imagine one of Baby's record sleeves to look like, glam rock with a touch of the psychedelic art rock.  

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