It's time to release 0.27. We spent a month and a half on it, but it was worth it. First of all, we did everything we planned for 0.27. We didn't have to cut anything, it's all here. So even though it took us a month and a half to make, it also has a month and a half worth of content. Second of all, like the last time, it has a whole bunch of various fixes. And lastly, we also have the offline client ready.

So, here's the list of new content in 0.27 (every item on the list is a series of events with a periodic event at the end, sometimes with different options):

Lessons with Kira. Lisa decides her lessons with Ann are too one sided and now Max needs to learn how to repay the favor.

Midnight porn. Continuation of the midnight porn events with Lisa.

Yoga. More events with yoga and Ann. More specifically, in the shower after the yoga.

Bathroom. Continuation of the series of events when Max barges into the bathroom while Ann is taking a bath.

Punishment. Now Max gets an opportunity to prove himself and earn some development with the punishment system in the house.

Cams will start to make money

For now it will all be automatic and simplified, with no gameplay mechanics. The money will also cap out at $2000 to prevent inflation. Don't worry, $2000 will be enough to buy everything Max needs in this update.

Here's the list of bugfixes and changes in 0.27:

  • Added a line about the quest log after the first breakfast.
  • Reworked the New home quest, adding hints about breakfasts and dinners, and other basic information to ease new players into the game.
  • Catching Alice when she's smoking is now a lot easier. Decreased some related cooldowns.
  • Added a hint when Max needs to visit Alice's website in the story. Some players had problems noticing the new button in the bottom right corner.
  • Drastically improved chances of Ann finding Alice's cigarettes. If Max hides cigarettes only 2 hours before lunch or dinner, the chance is 100%.
  • Decreased chances of the spider crawling away from Alice's room. If Max hides the spider after 22:00, the chance is 100%.
  • The chance to find a spider in the backyard or by the pool is buffed to 80%.
  • The New house quest shows as "complete" once it's done.
  • The Big problem quest becomes inactive when there's nothing to do. It become active once again later and shows a new hint about the next step.
  • Decreased the required number of punishments to get to the new levels (in the underwear and naked). It was 5 and 10 before, it's now 3 and 5.
  • Added the new quest Consequences with various hints how to advance the punishments. It now keeps track of Max's warnings, etc.
  • Added hints about helping Lisa with homework, and consequences if Max deliberately makes a mistake.
  • Added a new tracker in the quest log about the cigarettes. Stuff like whether there's a point to look for them, whether Max tried to search for them and what was the result, what happened and what to do next, etc.
  • Now Lisa retires to her room earlier so she could watch porn with Max. In the past she would often stay in the living room until very late and then would go to sleep right away.
  • Now Lisa goes to Ann's room only after a certain point in the Mentor quest. Because of this mistake, Lisa often didn't do her homework and Max had a very low chance to progress in the Mentor questline.
  • Decreased the pool cleaning cooldown to every other day so Max has an easier time earning enough money for the cameras and Lisa's presents early game.
  • Ann had a house dress she would only wear before lessons with Lisa and Max. She now wears it more often around the house.
  • Now once Max reaches a certain point in late night events with Kira, the game will automatically unlock the new Balcony quest that should help guide players to stargazing.
  • In the past, players were able to start the next quest step right after installing the telescope so we fixed that.
  • Now the balcony keeps track whether Max already used the telescope that day. We finally know who watches the watchers. It's the balcony.
  • Fixed another out of sequence mistake where the series of events with the telescope was available before watching porn with Kira at night.
  • The Big problem quest now has a new hint about finding late night events with Kira and new hints about the time of day the events become available.
  • New Yoga quest. In the past players could easily miss Ann doing yoga after 17:00, now it's part of an official quest.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes Ann would forget about yoga and tan almost until dinner.


A new client

We spent a lot of time developing an offline client on a new engine. It's a lot faster and doesn't require the internet connection. If you login via Patreon, your client will download the latest updates automatically.

Currently, the new client doesn't support cloud save synchronization, but we're hoping to implement it next month. Because of that, there's currently no way to copy your progress with the online client and you'll have to either start a new game or wait for the next month until you try the offline client, sorry. Currently, the new client only supports PC.

The online client isn't going anywhere, so you can keep using it if you prefer. Maybe it will become obsolete once we implement cloud saves and the Android support in the new client, we'll see.

Today 0.27 becomes available to all our supporters $5+.

As always, your client will update to version 0.27 automatically (including images).

If you don't have a client installed on your device, you can download it from here.

Automatic updates should work as usual, but if you want you can download a build with all images from here.

The offline client will be available to download in out next post for our $5+ patrons.


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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 303 exclusive posts