Glass Ball Beach
On Easter Sunday we took the afternoon and did a kayak/hiking trip over to Glass Ball Beach and were just devastated at what we saw.  The banner photo for the campaign was taken that day, as was the one here.  There is debris ranging from tampon applicators to car tires (on rims).  Countless fishing floats, hundreds of yards of rope, shoes, water bottles, the list goes on and on.  

This is a  horseshoe shaped beach facing the vast Pacific Ocean and when debris comes in, it is trapped.  Some gets pushed far beyond the tree line from storm surges, some is trapped beneath large logs and driftwood and the rest is smashed to bits on the rocks and ultimately buried in the sand or gravel.

On this trip, I found the rope pictured above. There are a few hundred feet there and it is very new.  Still a lot of it was buried in the loose rocks and took some force to pull it out.  A testament to how fast the surf action can bury things.  

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