Glass Neutral Grey Palette
I have used many palette surfaces but I prefer glass palettes the most. Since oil paintings do not use glass when framed, I end up with lots of glass on hand. I used to tape grey palette paper behind the glass but once in a while oil will seep in from behind so I started painting the back of the palette with a neutral grey. Then, taped with masking tape, blue tape or metal tape to cover the sharp edge make the glass a bit stronger. With bigger palettes like 11x14, it's best to use a cardboard or masonite panel of the same size and tape that under it to add support. I have heard of artists just using a cheap frame with glass as palettes when they give workshops. I guess that can work if you end up with a frame you know you wont use. The best part about the glass palette is the ability to clean it with a blade paint scraper. A good neutral grey is Golden Acrylic Neutral Grey N6. I have a tub of it, left over from taking David Kassan's workshop a couple of years back. He primes his masonite panels with it. There still a big debate on using acryclic under oils for me, but I have used it and I really like the surface of it on masonite. Its good for smaller panels, but wouldn't use it for large pieces.