Glassix 0.28 released
Hi everybody!

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What's new ?

  • Added slave mode feature
  • Added 3 new dates: Entertainment park, museum and beach
  • Added 2 new vibrator events: Rin and Naomi
  • Added new bed blowjob command for all girls with some variations between girls
  • Added alternative endings for show ass, show tits and strip commands (so you can see what it would be like if we extended this feature to all other commands making it easier to chain sex commands)
  • A few annoying bugs solved

About the slave mode feature:

When buying the slave mode spell from Lily, a small event will trigger to allow you to choose how your slaves will call you. Then to toggle slave mode, you'll first have to use doll mode on a girl and select the new slave mode option.

Girls in slave modes behave like normal (meaning they still go to work and such) but they have a different interaction menu. To make it easy, the sex commands from the normal behavior are still accessible in slave mode and new specific slave commands will be added at a later date.

In slave mode, the affection, obedience and obedience level conditions for events or choices are always true meaning you won't need to grind obedience or affection for low level girls if they have their slave mode on. (I still need to add some limits to trigger by level increment because right now, you can trigger the level 4 before the level 1 and it could cause problems if some prerequisites were set in the obedience level 1, like for Utako. So be careful)

You can change the master name either in the main character page (for all girls) or choose how a specific girl calls you by talking to her in slave mode.

About the bugs:

  • The affection reset to 160 has been solved.
  • Lily's plan can now be triggered properly
  • The suspicion game over can now be triggered (but still needs to talk with a girl level 3 to get initialized, it might change in the future)
  • Plus a few other minor bugs, check the changelog

I got a lot of reports about missing images or wrong outfits. 

Regarding the wrong outfits, it's usually the girl being naked being reported. This is not a bug actually, it just means the images for the related outfit have not been generated yet and the game default the images of the command to the naked "outfit". In the future, we'll add all outfits images but it'll take an update on its own. It's not that urgent and is quite time consuming so I'll focus on more pressing matters. 

Regarding the missing images, some events are actually limited to specific outfits and we failed to add those limits in the choices or events conditions. I've started added them in v0.28. For example, the vibrator events for Saiko requires her to wear either her work or sexy work outfit. If you choose another outfit for her work period, the vibrator option will be unavailable. The tooltip will let you know about such new conditions. Since there are possibly many other events with the same problem which might have escaped my grasp, if you notice more, let me know which event had missing images and I'll check that.

This update should be the last big feature added to the game (even though it's still not complete yet). Next update will focus on the endings (a poll will start soon to vote for which ones to focus on first) and once done, we'll see what feature you want improved.

As always, let me know if you encounter any trouble with this version.

Thanks for your time and support!

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