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Glassix is a free project aiming to give you another way to enjoy custom made games. It uses Sexy Beach Premium Studio to create the girls. 

The FREE version of the game is released 1 month after the BETA version.

Glassix focus on the story and liberty. You are free to roam the city, interact with girl and give them order. But don't push it too far at the beginning. Build up your relation over time and they'll do whatever you want in the end !

Current content : 

  • 25 playable girls
  • 6 extra girls (limited interactions)
  • 7 districts available
  • More than 300 locations to discover
  • 4 level of obedience for each girl to influence them more and more
  • Move around town using different ways : walk, run, taxi, bus, subway, private driver or even teleportation (Some of those are not yet implemented but will be)
  • Many unique events to discover in town
  • Artificial intelligence for the girls making them move in town depending on their favorite hobbies (nature, culture, thrill, music etc...)
  • City map and Status page to follow the information and location of each girl
  • Manage your relation and obedience with each girls. If you upset them, they won't talk to you for some time
  • Improve your own skills (Fitness, Swimming and Academic) to unlock new events and new choices
  • Customize your girl outfits with casual outfits, work outfits, swimsuit and underwear. The more you control them, the sexier outfits they'll accept to wear
  • Collect sex energy and buy powerful spells to make your play easier and unlock new unique events
  • Earn money by working or using girls
  • Buy gifts, food and new outfits for the girls. Each girls have different tastes in food and gifts so be careful what you offer them
  • Select an official girlfriend and unlock new things to do with her
  • Reach good or bad ending depending on your choices. Two unique endings for each girl. Or maybe you'll find a way to reach the holy grail, full harem ending :p

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