Gleam in a Silver Bucket
re- posting this due to technical error on Patreon page- don't worry Patreons you will not be double charged! Love to you all
Tier Benefits
Welcome to the Club!
$1 or more per video 9 patrons
Access to Patron-only materials (Videos, comments, pictures, music)
Join the cool Kids!
$5 or more per video 4 patrons
Receive free mp3s of the songs to the videos, along with other free recordings (radio shows, scrap tracks)
Signed Album!
$10 or more per video 1 patron
Signed album shipped to you or if I am in town, hand delivered to you!
$20 or more per video 1 patron
Have you ever wondered what my voice/style would sound like on your favorite song?? I will learn and make a video to a song of your choice! Just send me a message or an email and I will make a video and put it up JUST FOR YOU!
Guest List Spots
$50 or more per video 0 patrons
Guest list spots at LIVE shows plus Meet and greet over a cup of coffee!
Living Room Concert
$150 or more per video 0 patrons
If you pledge this amount- I will play for you or any event of your choice for free. That means- I'll play your wedding for hundreds of your friends and family Or I'll play in your living room for you and your dog- up to you!
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