As we come to the close of 2020, its time to do my forecast for 2021.

But first, Lets take a quick look back at my predictions for 2020.

My forecast for 2020 predicted:

- Global Economic Crisis / Economic Reset

- Political Turmoil, especially in the USA running up to the Presidential Election

- Open Rebellion, riots in the street

- Unexpected Earth Changes, Storms, Earthquakes

- Strange and Unusual events, even paranormal and UFO sightings

All of these trends were fulfilled, keep in mind my report was posted in FALL 2019 long before 'The Great Reset' and Antifa / BLM riots became common talk. What I didn't see coming was a virus outbreak to kick it off, otherwise the forecast was quite accurate. 

In Numerology, 2020 was a 4 year (2 + 2 = 4). 

4 is Aquarian Energy in Numerology, which rules revolution, overturning, and total transformation – and we officially enter the Aquarian Age December 21st 2020 when Jupiter Conjuncts Saturn. 

From December 21st 2020, the trend will be 51% Aquarius, 49% Pisces. Every day from this point forward, we take another step into Aquarius, and the Piscean energies get weaker. We are truly in the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius!

In Numerology, 2021 is a 5 Year (2 + 2 + 1 = 5)

5 in Numerology is MERCURY ENERGY, the two Mercury Signs being Gemini and Virgo. 

So, Its no coincidence that Astrologically we are also in 'True Node GEMINI' until January 2022. The Gemini Trend runs ALL though 2021. Both the Numerological AND Astrological trend point to a strong MERCURY - GEMINI Energy in 2021.

My Bullet Points for 2021:

- A continuation of 2020 trend, the 'Great Reset' but Accelerated

- Political friction, intense riots and protests (Polarization of the Twins)

- Economic Crisis, especially related to Banking and National Currencies

- Rise of Cryptocurrency, safe haven assets like Gold & Silver 

- Food inflation, shortages and supply chain problems

- Increase in Relocation, interstate travel

Apply everything I forecast for 2020 with an extra dose of Gemini Energy.

In Numerology the typical numbers go from 1 to 9 – and 5 is right in the middle – it does everything before and everything after.

5 is the number of the JUGGLER.

The energy is formless and adaptable, not fixed. It can easily handle unpredictable situations as its quick on its feet, and can easily find a solution in a short time whatever happens.

I can easily see for example, one store or vendor being closed and having to find an alternative to find the goods you need, or having to transfer assets from one bank to another or to gold, silver and crypto currency as banking problems and currency devaluation becomes more common.

The more open minded you are, ready to find alternatives, substitutes and use alternative methods – the easier it will be in 2021. 

Long term goals are not favored under Gemini - Be practical and flexible. Get out of your comfort zone and understand its OK to try new things or alternative methods. The Gemini way is to learn by doing, not by book learning or abstract theories. Advice of others can be very fruitful, pay attention to tips and local talk, it can be very informative.

Gemini is also POLARITY and leading up to the US Presidential election we saw extreme polarization not seen since the Civil War or the American Revolution. As I write this we even have 2 Presidents! Trump himself is a Gemini and the American public sees him as either a Savior or a Villain. 

Its very clear that the whole world – no matter what country or region is very split on their political and world view, this is 'The Twins' or the sign of Gemini. This polarization will continue all through 2021.

The best strategy in my opinion is not be too preachy or judgmental - this is a trait of the opposite sign, Sagittarius. 

Gemini is the trickster - jokes and memes will go over better than being The Preacher (Sagittarius). You may even cloak your true ideas and beliefs to have a conversation with 'the other side'.

Gemini also rules local and interstate travel, so you will see a lot of state to state travel, vacationing and relocation - but not internationally. International travel is ruled by Sagittarius, which is the opposite node, or opposite sign of Gemini. Jobs in food delivery and anything that involves local travel like local package delivery such as FedEx will be hiring.

International travel won't open up until after January 2022 when True Node Gemini ends.

Gemini is a mercury sign which rules communication, and any kind of internet vlogging, short funny posts, online chats, and informal conversations and gossip will be popular. Gemini rules the commoner and street talk!

The Aquarian Age favors novel and unusual ideas, so if you find unique solutions or have a new take on how to present things you will be able to operate much easier and even prosper in these times.

Many of the trends I outlined for 2020 are still in play, I highly suggest looking at that report

However, 2021 will be an acceleration of the 2020 trend. The key will be to wheel and deal, find solutions and adapt to the situations at hand. Have plan A, B and C.

The value of an esoteric reading its to identify and understand the trend - for an individual or in this case the global planetary trend. Knowing that the trend will be Gemini Ruled, it informs us of what will be most successful and prosperous in 2021. It also informs us what won't be favored so we won't get frustrated with the natural trend of the moment.

Many of the Esoteric people I know including myself are doing quite well - even in the greatest economic collapse in Modern history. If you understand the trends, you'll know what areas are favored even in this environment. The oddballs, the outliers and fringe people are now coming to center stage.

The reason the Powers that Be are pushing their 'Great Reset' is there is an opportunity for freedom and innovation in the Age of Aquarius. If you embody the higher aspect of Aquarius, you can reach heights that wouldn't have been possible just a few years ago. What is fringe now could be the mainstream in 10 years, and we are the group that is making it happen.

In the transition of Ages, there's often a lot of turbulence - we are entering a whole new playing board. Its a kind of 'birthquake' - I knew something big was coming in 2020 and it exceeded even my expectations!

Finally, this is a more esoteric aspect - but I wouldn't be surprised if people start having sudden realizations or metaphysical 'downloads'. Aquarius rules the free flow of information (the image of the Man with the Water Pitcher), and the ruling planet of Aquarius, Uranus is very much connected to sudden revelations and information downloads.

Add that to the Mercurial Energy of 2021, Mercury being the Planet of communication and being the Messenger of the Gods - I think many of us who are 'tuned in' will start getting some interesting ideas and revelations in 2021.

I hope you enjoyed this forecast!

See you in 2021!


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