Global Game Jam - Game Link
After whole 48 hours of sweat, pain, amusement, debugging and a lot more sweat we managed to create something we are very proud of! 


You are a brain in a jar.  Concealed within an underground laboratory, you play as the brain of an infamous and narcissistic physicist, Professor Harry Darlington (PHD), whose brain was kept preserved in hope of a future where a fresh new body can be manufactured.
One day Harry decided this place was too tedious for his colossally intellectual mind.  So, he decides to escape. 
Harry soon learns that during his time being persevered in a special liquid, substance-#96, that through side effects he has gained the ability to move physical matter using the power of telepathy.  
Reluctantly help Harry escape this secret laboratory as he openly mocks every move and decision you make.  But be careful, this lab contains many puzzles and traps to contain and catch out any unsuspecting brain!  But you're smarter than that right?  

You can download the game for free with the link attatched.  Un-zip the build folder and run the .exe.  

As always your feedback is encouraged; I love to hear what you think!

Happy Playing!