Gloomy Day Vamp
Drawn mostly left handed with the right doing a little bit of clean up.

Tropical storm coming our way so it's lots of rain around here. Also, my kitty Kirby needed so much vet care all the savings for projects are eat up.  Which is ironic since the vet stuff was to remove all his teeth.  

The 13 will still receive an awesome Halloween package as well as finally filling all the orphan commissions I owe. 

What's the plan? Going to try and coast to the end of the year, and do another relaunch of sorts on January 13th. Which happens to be a Friday. 

Folks, it's not easy making a living at arts. Constant change and modification.  I say it all the time, but I appreciate you all so much. Patreon has filled in where I've failed to keep it together.