Glossary in the making
Well, I'm still working on some pixels but in the mean time I have a glossary covering important details of Fryin' D! Once I get the comic going I want to form a website and will keep the glossary on it for anyone who likes learning about the world the comic takes place in :D


Over countless years, man has built up and nature knocked him down. Time and time again, man would try to evolve his methods but nature flawlessly showed him whose boss. So finally, a portion of man suggested to live in harmony world-wide as well as with the earth itself. Unfortunately, the rest of man fought this and persisted to persue a man-made Utopia. This lead to a world-wide war and war lead to endagerment of the species. Survivors made a pact to make compromises in order to maintain peace with all humanity and the world. 

When the agreement was made, the skies lit up in all the colors of the universe, and earth expressed its gratitude by rewarding man with a plant named nebulus. This plant offered means of evolving man as man had evolved machine. Some chose to not partake in its offering, others to love or even worship this gift. Regardless of mans opinion, nebulus plays a role in the lives of all. 


Abel's ship/Flyin' D: 

Built by Abel, the ship was made to be both a nebulus and accessories shop and his home. Way too big for one person, perfect for a small crew. Everything on the ship can be used as a pipe. Every. Thing. Abel's brother works and lives in the bottom level. Post-Balthazar take over the ship still serves as a shop, but also used to adventure for rare and glorious strands of nebula to make their traveling dispensary the best in the world.Many ask, what does the D stand for? Dudes. Flyin' Dudes. Because Nebulus makes the mind soar and these dudes love to soar.

Cecil's Home Town: 

Yet to be named. 

Small fishing village on the border east of Kiltland. A river divides the village from a swampy-village where birds reside. Swamp-birds live in the bottom dwelling and smaller birds live in settlements built in the tree's. The bird-folk grow and harvest nebulus to trade to Cecil's village in exchange for fish for fresh produce, who then sell the nebulus to islands not far from south of the border. 


Children of the plant. The earth created them to present man the nebulus plant and to act as ambassador of the earth. They dwell in their own etherial plane. They can enter the plane of man, but very very few men have ever entered the realm of the elves. They tend to keep to themselves and would rather not meddle with the doings of humans, being completely neutral and only venturing into man's realm to deliver a message from the planet. Because of this, half-elves are extremely rare. 

Energy Tuning: 

Thanks to nebulus, residents of earth have evolved greatly. If they take the natural route they are able to tune-in with the energy of the earth and communicate with it to bend it to their will. 


Fire is done by using whatever heat source is available to create a blast of fire. Fire cannot be fabricated. the heat must be extracted from a source like existing fire or a living body (ie. HADOUKEN!)

Ice and water are done using both the moisture in the air and the water in the human/living body or body of water. 

So forth so forth so forth... 

Gypsy Caravan: 

Felix's home. West of Kiltland and home to half trolls. 

Half trolls: 

Like elves, half trolls are children of the earth but they reside in the human realm. Where elves communicate with the earth itself, half trolls communicate with all organic matter on the earth and it is their duty to take care of it. Half trolls go on pilgrimages and travel throughout the land to make sure ecosystems are safe and help heal any injured wildlife. Like elves, half trolls keep to themselves and speak very little; they community telepathically with nature, and they predominantly use facial expression and body language to communicate among each other. Half trolls are half elf, and half beast and are generally looked down on by elves and considered to be low-end workers of the planet.  Half trolls are also very very adept at energy tuning, especially of the ESP nature. 

Harpoon Cove: 

In the middle of the map and surrounded by jagged and danerous mountains. A place where only the bravest pirates venture. Like a pit-stop for them to relax and re-coup in between travels. Shops are family-run and the whole place is self-maintained. 


North of Harpoon Cove, large valleys and hills and a lot of booze. Due to its rough and hard-to-navigate landscape, much of it has been left unexplored so it often attracts many explorers and treasure hunters.  

Nebulus plants: 

Well, in these lands there are Nebuli flowers. They are very common worldwide, and the flowers have different characteristics in each land. The one thing they have in common though is their sweet pollen. Once removed and crumbled, one can smoke it either in a pipe or by rolling the pollen up in one of the flower leaves and smoking it as a herbal cigarette. The plant clarifies the users mind, enhances perception and in some cases abilities and is something that is treasured and enjoyed throughout all the lands. 

If grown properly and with love and care, using Nebulus will have extremely little to no negative side effects, which is why it is so important to purchase it from a trusted grower and seller. 

Stay tuned for glossary updates!