Glue & Fly Series - F-22 Mini V2 - Flight #3 Intermediate-Advanced Setup
After troubleshooting my electronic components issues I found that it was the ESC.

The ESC would just periodically reset. The voltage regulator on the ESC would go completely dead.

I would unplug the battery, then plug it back in and the ESC would initialize again and the voltage regulator would work for approx. 2 minutes and then it would reset again and the voltage regulator would again go dead.

This ESC is an Emax 12A with a 5V/1A BEC.

I have two of these same ESCs so I tried the other ESC, same exact issue.

Well, that's the last time I purchase an Emax ESC.

I ended up using an OPTO FVT 20A ESC soldered into a PDB (Power Distribution Board) and then I soldered a switching voltage regulator onto the PDB and used the voltage regulator to power the receiver.

Needless to say, this increased the weight of the plane by 23.5 grams.

Now my 3S LIPO plane which was 263.4 grams is 286.9 grams.

Time to order some ESCs.

So, with the plane ready to go, although overweight, I had my first flight with the 3S LIPO and 5x4 Prop.

Wind is out of the Southwest at 3-4mph, not too bad for this area ;-)

I ended up having a blast flying with the Intermediate / Advanced Setup so all is right with the World again ;-)

I have some mechanical trim to perform on the Elevons as they have just a bit of up-elevator and an increase in the Aileron Dual-Rates is needed. Then I think the plane will be pretty well dialed-in.

Build, Fly, Crash, Repair, Rinse & Repeat!

Happy Flying!


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