GMS2 Dev Log and Content Updates - GameMaker Studio 2 Tutorials and Developer VLog
How's it going everyone, in this GameMaker Studio 2 video we talk about the progress being made on the demo reel, mainly Drift-bot and the reveal of my newest project, GMS2RPG. It will be a barebones turn-based RPG tech demo to go in the reel. This is sort of a rant video as well as a multi-layered game development tutorial. I talk about many things relating to making video games and all the things related to it, like how to distribute your work between the team members, figuring out whose doing what, as well as figuring out what features to cut early on, in order to make sure the project has enough funding to be finished. I go over the state of Drift-bot and fix a couple of bugs as well as add a new particle effect etc. This is very random and sort-of off the cuff, and I felt some discussion was needed. This type of video will probably be posted around once a month, just to catch up on things that are not talked about during that month, with regards to the progress of the overall demo reel as well as general game design knowledge. I really hope you've enjoyed this video, please leave a comment and rating, It would really mean a lot to me. As always, thanks for watching and good luck with your projects.