GMS2 Tutorial - Tileset Collision - Drift-Bot a farming sim game with a twist - GameMaker Studio 2
Hello everyone, in this GameMaker Studio 2 Tutorial video we go over the first steps of making a new project, setting the game speed, adjusting the resolution, coding basic movement, and setting up collision detection using tilesets instead of objects. Doing it this way is a much more effecient method than using objects to handle collision detection. This will let your maps be much larger without getting frame loss, as well as making your game more compatible with older systems. After we go over making temporary 'programmer art' we make a basic collision tileset and create a new object to represent the player. We talk about all the code as we go through-out and why it's being coded using this method. We add the code for the create event and then for the step event. After that I give my pitch on the demo we're going to be making for this next tutorial series using GMS2. This is the making of "Drift-Bot." 

Drift-Bot is a game where you play a drone sent out into the universe to drift the emptiness until you reach your destination. An uninhabited planet. You're equipped with seeds of life,the basic supplies to build greenhouses, and are tasked with cultivating and tera-forming a planet in an attempt to make a new living world for the people who are doomed on a dying planet. Your objective is to grow plants and wildlife all over the planet to eventually be the cause of a habitable atmosphere, by the time the settlers arrive. You'll land on a planet, setup a greenhouse and start growing wildlife. Will you be able to save the future of your makers? 

A huge task for such a small drone.

Control Drift-bot to save all humanity by building greenhouses and growing plants in order to create a habitable atmosphere. The future of an entire race is in your hands.