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Gnostic Themes in Movies Part 2
Bringing back a sequel to a classic show, and we go deeper into understanding how Gnosticism and movies are the perfect marriage from hell. And Horsley brings up some amazing insights as well. Thank you as always!

If art imitates life, then the most popular medium for art these days reveals a civilization that has become increasingly fragmented, out of touch with deeper realities, and struggling to find individuation. Beyond the apparent rise of Gnostic-themed movies, the great cultural films, actors and directors of our era lift a mirror to humanity exposing a desperate struggle to survive in a postmodern world—a paranoia of modern achievements & institutions, and a fear of an empty universe ruled by dark powers. Yet the mirror also hints at the possibility of an alchemical initiation that begins a journey of man’s return to his spiritual source, hidden deep in the wastelands of schizophrenic narratives. From the nihilism of Hitchcock to the existential Logos of The Matrix, from the desolate Kenoma of Western Cinema to the bleak renditions of Johnny Depp, we seek that spark of Gnosis from their Jungian warnings.

Astral Guest– Jason Horsley, author of The Secret Life of Movies: Schizophrenic and Shamanic Journeys in American Cinema