Finally, an educational comic! :P So as I mention in the comic, when you move to a new place, you're expected to buy gifts for your neighbors and introduce yourself that way (sorta like a "here is a gift, sorry for any future annoyance nice to meet you). There's no set rule on how many to do, so we did the houses on either sides of us. There was a family on our block that did the WHOLE block, so we were worried, but apparently that's not normal ^_^;;

So we met our nieghbors and they're both pretty nice, the family next to us we tend to see more b/c our driveways are side-by-side.  As for what gifts, we went to the import store and got them something suitably foreign b/c we felt that fit us ahah ^_^ Also, I'm a big kid, but SHHHH don't tell anyone ^_-