Goal #1: We Did It!!
We passed my first Patreon goal, which will assure that I won't pass out. Because now I have some air and room to breathe.

After shooting this little video (click image above) I realized that we're also already halfway to my second goal! All in one month. Thats pretty fantastic.

In other news, Stabbington now has a permanent livestream setup! Check it out here http://kurtisbaute.com/

You can see him thank you every hour of the day. The site itself, clearly, needs some work... all that HTML is a little hard on the eyes. And I'm also hoping to add some more moving components to Stabbington's life. Should he wave hello now and then? Should Carl Sagan appear? Please let me know if you have any ideas!! 

Okay, back to planning my trip to measure the world - there is work to be done.