Goal 2 Complete! The IGPC Returns!
How did we already get here? Over the weekend we cleared the second Patreon goal, which means the long-form Intelligame Podcast is coming back!

Folks, I'm so humbled by the progress this Patreon has made in such a short time. I actually found out about us clearing the second goal in a tweet:

With friends in town for the eclipse yesterday and the day before I've been scattered, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who believes in this work. We're making progress at a much faster rate than I'd anticipated, and I'm both thrilled and intimidated by thinking about the Good Ship IGPC setting sail again in September. :D

For folks who are unfamiliar, there are actually already a couple episodes of the long-form Intelligame Podcast. The first episode featured game designer and long-time friend Carol Mertz talking about catharsis in game development. The second episode featured former Killer Queen community organizer Dylan Higgins talking about community. Both episodes feature "Director's Cut" readings of Intelligame articles and game recommendations. I really enjoyed that format, and tried to keep each episode to an hour or less.

If you listened to the old podcast episodes and have feedback, let me know! This new IGPC's yours, too, after all. :)