Goal # 7 met. T-Shirts are forthcoming!
Crows, I am pumped that we have reached this level of funding. I am thinking of adding another goal at $400, but we can discuss that later. 

For the moment, I would like to just thank you, and tell you how much it means that we are all in this together. If there is anything I can do you all of you crows, on air or off, I will try. Or have Mr. Pink do it. 

I'll be posting again, here and on Facebook, with some different ideas about t-shirt design, so when you see those pop up, lets do two things: 1) talk about what kind of awesome shirts we want. and 2) not be sad that our design didn't get picked. I have a feeling there might be more opportunities in the future. 

Regarding the specifics of where we are at the moment, the patches have arrived, and will be going out this month. I am going to try to send them out in envelopes as correspondence to those outside the UCAS/CAS. So if you don't get your envelope in a reasonable time, let me know and I will fix it ASAP. 

The Fake ID/Corporate IDs/SINs are in production, by which I mean I am buying the equipment. Stay tuned for more info on that, as I will need some collaboration from you!

The artwork for the dicebags is finished, as you can see above, and turned out quite nicely. Even if I did have to stand in that position for 46 hours straight...

Even more to come, crows. Every cent (and then some) of your support is headed back to you in the form of swag, and I am happy to see it happen. 

 As we have asked in the past, please post any gear you get and tag me in it, so I can share the joy. And if you have not received your gear in a timely manner, please let me know, and I'll fix it. I am a fixer, after all. Peace, crows!