Goal and Tier Updates for 2019

Hello folks, Alasdair here. It’s the top of the year and, as is always the way with times like this, we’re taking stock and making some changes. Specifically, to what our Patreon goals are.

You’ve helped us out to an incredible degree since we opened our Patreon page and thanks to you all our shows pay narrators and we’re a hair's breath away from being able to cover a big chunk of our admin costs. All of which is great and a perfect foundation for where we want to go next. 

To support all of this, we've made a few tweaks to our support tiers. The biggest one is to our $10 and $20 tiers - that's right - SWAG! We've partnered with Patreon to trial their merchandise offerings, launching any day now. If you're a Patron in the US, just sign up for one of these tiers and provide a shipping address. Three months later, the item will be sent to you - it's that easy, and our way of saying thank you to those who go above and beyond in supporting us.

We're still working on other offerings, and as soon as they're ready you'll be the first to hear about them. And if you have suggestions, drop us a comment - we're all ears! 

Here's our revised goals:

$2400 a month - Cover Admin Costs

We've decreased this goal from it's original mark, because right now we're fairly stable with keeping our heads above water. Thank you so much for that. Having his base level of income keeps day to day running orders of magnitude easier and opens the door to bringing in the new staff positions we’re looking at further down the line.

What we'd LOVE to accomplish in 2019 is:

$4000 a month - Eight Cents a Word

AUTHOR PAY RISE! As soon as we hit this goal, every show gets to increase the pay rate for original fiction to eight cents a word. This would be amazing, not only because authors deserve to be paid better for their writing but because it helps us keep pace with our peers, gives our editorial teams the additional budget they need and leads by example. The more shows up their pay rate, the more shows will follow and the more authors will benefit.

$5500 a month - Pay Our Associate Editors

Associate Editors, or 'slush readers', are the life blood of our industry. Short fiction markets live and die based on the hard work and dedication of first readers. They are unsung heroes of the field and they are long, long overdue being paid for their hard work. 

Better yet, reaching this goal means every single person involved with our shows would be receiving compensation for their time. That's revolutionary, and desperately overdue industry wide. We want to live our values and bring this level of professionalism to every member of our teams.

Your help has made all the different reaching where we are today, and we're not planning to slow down. Thank you for all you do and continue to do to support us. With your help, we'll reward the people most deserving of that recognition, help raise the standards industry-wide, and continue to evolve and grow. And what Escape Artist doesn’t want to keep doing that?

Thank you all,
Alasdair and Marguerite, and the entire EA team

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