I've updated my goal list tonight, and wanted to make sure you were all aware of the change.  I don't want anyone that may have been hoping for the weekly show to think I was moving the goal posts on them, but there is a benefit as well.  I realized over the course of 153 episodes after the episode posts tonight that this show takes a lot of time and effort to produce, and adding a weekly show on top would add significantly to that load.  This is why I've bumped this from a $100/month to a $500/month goal.  In its place though, I've added a different goal, just a touch higher.  A few of you have noted to me that my old shows seem to be missing from the podcast feed.  This is because my hosting provider only lets me have so many minutes of audio hosted at a time.   I think it's 300 if I recall correctly.  If I reach the $115/month level of support, I pledge to you, my faithful patrons, that I'll activate the pro level of hosting, and restore the entire catalog of shows for your perusal.  Yes, I have kept them all.  Obviously, all shows since the beginning are, and will continue to remain, on YouTube as well.  

I thank everyone for your support in listening each day, your monetary support, as well as your support in spreading word of the show.  It's only because of you that we are now a TOP 25 show in the Automotive category on iTunes, and the second ranked Tesla specific show on iTunes!

Keep it charged!

- D.J.