Hello you, I hope you're good!

So at the end of each month, I've decided to do two posts. One about where your money went and how it helped me (I've just posted that up if you want to see it!). And then this post, which is basically goal equipment I want to save your patreon support for!

So at the moment....there's quite a lot haha! Through time, things have broken, I've moved house and I also feel like I need to take my work to the next level. Of course, I can still make do with what I have now and I can still create which I am very grateful for, but I always want to improve, and sometimes, with just a little help from new technology can give it that little push!

Filming gear!

-First off, I don't know if you guys know, but while I was filming the 'Free Somebody' cover, a woman knocked over my tripod and broke my kit lens on my camera. For almost a year now, I have been borrowing my friends old lens, which I can't zoom on and it also makes that really annoying clicking sound when it focus's. That's the main reason I didn't film on my DSLR for my Japan vlogs :(

The kit lens was a Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens

However, new this is £309!!!! I may be able te find a second hand one for cheaper. Ouch.

-Another lens I have been eyeing up for a while because Beckii has let me borrow it a few times is the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens! This lens creates those gorgeous shots where you are in focus very crisply, and the background is blurred. It's also a little zoomed in too!

This one brand new, is around £105, but again, I could probably find it cheaper second hand!

- Lastly, my soft box light broke on the move to London. Thankfully where I film in the daytime, I have a big window that lets in lots of light, so my videos that I film in my room are still bright. But I am relying on the weather quite a bit to film, which is a little bit difficult in the U.K haha! 

I also tested out Beckii's ring light that she has just got herself, and this thing is a game changer!! It looks so gorgeous! Thankfully, Beckii has said I can borrow it when I want, so this is not a top priority, but if I ever move or need it for another project, it would always be good to have my own!

This one with a stand costs £126.00

Music Equipment!

I've been wanting to take my music and covers a lot more seriously as it's what I'm truly passionate about! But there are some things holding me back from doing more!

 I love my Blue Yeti, it's awesome for speech and it's very easy to use, you just plug and play. And it also reduces noise very well! However, as I said in my previous weekly vlog, I am not happy with how it makes my singing sound. I have a very bright voice, and sadly because the Yeti does make vocals appear even more brighter it makes my vocals sound very harsh, and a little bit nasally!

 I have tested my vocals on various other microphones and I do not have this problem, so sadly I do know it's the microphone now!

Combined with the fact that my new room in London is not very acoustic at all, it doesn't create a great sound for my voice. It makes me a little insecure to post any singing online at the moment. And I am never truly happy with my vocals!

I have done lots of research on different microphones, and I came to the conclusion that the Shure sm7b microphone would be very good for my voice.

This is not cheap sadly. It's around £350. However it creates a gorgeous sound, especially for bright female vocals! I can still continue with my Yeti until, I have saved up for this though!

Also, it gets worse price wise arghh! :/ Since this is not a USB microphone, I would need an audio interface. One that has been recconmended to me has been the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 (2nd Gen) USB Audio Interface 

This is around £130. 

Got a lot of saving to do for a new microphone!! 

- I also lost my microphone stand in the process of moving too, so I do need one, as I perform my singing better stood up!

These are around £20 

- I would also love to have some lessons using DAWs such as logic. I have Logic myself, (which you guys helped me pay for last year, thank you!) but I haven't had much luck self teaching myself online. I do not learn very well on my own. I usually need someone there to give me guidance and someone that can be there to ask questions and show me things in real life. It's annoying, but it really does help me. I would do a short course, just learning how to understand it better and how to navigate around it and actually use it! These are the programs you can make music on! These short courses are around £300.

At this point in time, this is not as essential as the microphone as I can still record on garageband and I can keep trying learning by myself. But I'm going to be honest, I am struggling. And making music by myself is something I really want to do!

- One last thing that's not really essential and just really for fun is a Launchpad! These are really fun music making pads and since I already play piano, I feel I could pick this up really well! I also already have Ableton Live!

There is a mini one for around £80. 

Phew that is everything for now! Got a lot of saving to do! BUT, if I just gradually save up, I feel like this is achievable! Just one step at a time! :)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend,

and as always, thank you so much for your support!

Kelsey <3