Goal for tomorrrow
My goal for tomorrow is to white board an actual "full length" design for my zeppelin lamp. I want to have the basics down on the lengths I'm going to need for at least 50% of the design. Example if my panels are 4 x 4 and I want to have 3 pieces at angles on the side that means 1 side of the zeppelin should be about 12 inches worth of material every 4 inches. aka roughly costing me in plexi about 6 bucks every 4 inches if i go that route.

For the front end of the zeppelin my idea is to bring the pointed "business end" to a flat surface rather than trying to curve it so that it comes to a rounded point. It  doesn't HAVE to be 100% accurate to an actual zeppelin its a lamp not going to actually carry passengers.

The point is with this to make an awesome lamp.

As for putting thought into the changing of the bulbs. I know how im going to tackle that. Simply I'm going to leave the bottom of the zeppelin open. It saves on cost of materials and I don't have to make any special "holes" that I gotta keep from opening up when I don't want them to. Creates a great big vent for heat too.

I'm putting A LOT of effort into making this happen and I want this to work. That said I've rambled enough for tonight. Tomorrow I get to working on it.