Goal Milestone Reached!
Thank you to Megan for your patronage, it has pushed me past my next goal.  As such, I'd like to become a supporter of another artist.  There are so many to choose from, I'll share a few I am considering if you want to check them out as well.  Or if you have a suggestion, please share them.  I'll make a decision on Monday.

Nate Seubert - creating abstract organic oil paintings

Chase Holfelder - creating major to minor covers *

Huina - creating cosplay and handmade awesomes

Robyn Adele Anderson - My favorite Post Modern Jukebox Singer 

Oneshi Press - 2 person team creating multiple underground/fantasy comic series

Black Forest Forge - creating ink drawings in viking/celtic style on wood and leather

Famous people:

Sean Astin - He is reading books aloud!!!  Friggin awesome and under funded, seriously, check this out

Amanda Palmer - I love everything this woman does *

I'd prefer to support a small Patreon, but I'm all about helping artists succeed.  So, don't worry about that aspect when suggesting people for me to follow or give my patronage.  Small is considered anyone making less than a living wage per month.  Artists should be able to make a living off of being artists ;D

Definitely give these artists a follow.  Some of them are friends of mine or have been in my social network of artists.  Which I am continuing to grow every day.  Share your favorite artists with me!  I like to collect artists.

And here are the Patreons I currently support.  Please check out their work and give them a follow.

Tawny Fritz -  creating fantasy ink drawings and cars and pop culture

Amanda Makepeace - creating Earth Rituals art with nature and paint

*(these Patreons all have higher pledges)