GOAL - New Weekly Video Series!
UPDATE: I've created a pilot episode for this potential series.  Click here to watch! 

Now that we're 1% of the way to the New Weekly Video Series goal, I thought I'd provide a bit more detail on exactly what I had in mind.

For a while now, I've wanted to do a weekly show where I comment on the various happenings of the previous week.  I imagine a three to five minute video that's a grab bag of news, opinion and amusing personal anecdotes.

For example, a video covering the first week in June might have featured the following:

  • The person sitting next to me at a screening of Wonder Woman spent the entire film's credits bitching about the movie being a vehicle for liberals to jam their progressive agenda down her throat.
  • The following critique of my bachelor pad:  "You have no chocolate. Anywhere. How is that even possible?"
  • My sister and I prioritize spending our in-game money on new outfits for Bayonetta instead of fighting techniques.

Another week I might examine how the new Ducktales theme compares to the old one (old one's better!), explain the myriad reasons the "Xbox One X" name sucks, and hey, maybe offer up an awesome recipe for meatloaf.

I think this would be a ton of fun and I hope you'd enjoy it as well.  I'm sure it would start many interesting discussions in the comments as well! 

Here's hoping we reach that $300 goal!