I've reached my goal for custom artwork for videos that use it! Currently I'm doing a lot more filmed content right now with a borrowed DSLR (getting my own is actually a goal further down the line), so I don't know when I'm going to have my first video with custom artwork, but I'll try to get something together for a few of my uploads as soon as I can (probably in October).

I do realize, I'm already diving into future goals a bit right now, although keep in mind that it is at a budget level. I'm very limited in what I can do right now whether that be borrowing equipment to use, finding cheap instrumentalists (who are usually lesser known and may not be as polished as those with a bit bigger price tag), and spending a lot of time, spending a lot of time to do my own editing/animation and photo/video shoots, or funding some things out of pocket (like channel artwork and merchandise art).

I thank you all for your suppose and I hope that we can reach more goals together so I am able to do more with my musical art and make my current stressful process of what I'm already able to do a bit less crazy.