goal updates!
added/tweaked a few goals! outlining them here so you can voice any suggestions you might have (tweaking tiers, new tiers, changing prices, etc. etc.)


we're a little over half way to the next goal. the next tier to be added will have tutorials, and ZIPs/digital booklets for art packs. should be $10!

you will be able to redeem a physical copy of that month's art pack for a discount! ($5, which includes the standard shipping.)


the next two goals are for commissions/redeemables! depending on the tier, you could get a monthly sketch, discounted commission, or pinup. 

you can also redeem combinations of merch like stickers, sketchbooks, prints, etc! 

these two are still subject to change, but we'll see how it goes! i'm thinking $15 for the sketches/small redeemables and $25 for the pinup/big redeemables. 

this is tricky because too many tiers might lead to confusion, but thats part of figuring it all out.

 any suggestions for streamlining, or incorporating commission work into the monthly income are greatly welcome!

i am also being careful with how much private content i make, versus the public content that gets a bigger base... a difficult balance, man!