Goal Updates
I updated my big goal of being able to spend all of my time working on "DECODE" and "Sharktooth", as well as other future projects from $1,020 to $500 per month. The original goal amount was based on my loan payments, which are about $1,015/month. Aiming for this amount was what I needed to quit my job. But I quit my job anyway.

I do get some support from my family toward that monthly amount, and so I subtracted what I get from them from my monthly amount and realized I could lower this goal to $500/month.

I know a lot of things here have been slow moving at best, and I'm so incredibly grateful for your continued support. A lot of my time has been taken up by freelance game art work, trying to get this Etsy shop running, and some other plans to help cover my monthly costs before I have to start paying my student loans again.

Of course I want to involve you all in this, so be sure to follow my streaming channel (https://picarto.tv/MamaDraws) where I'll stream digital art I'm working on, and if you haven't requested a free custom patch yet, all backers entitled to one! There's also going to be some discount codes and Patron Only flash sales for ya'll in the future!

So again, thank you for all of your support thus far. I want to do as much as I can for my backers, even if I don't have a lot that's tangible to show right now. If there's anything you'd be interested in me streaming or doing, feel free to let me know!