This post will be a bit long. And there will be a couple more as I have a lot of news this month. 

The tl;dr is: 

  • I am restructuring my Patreon! I think you will like what I’m doing now.
  • I’ve been doing a lot of 3D printing and VR lately, so I’ve made it integral to my plan here.
  • Rewards have changed: $3, and $50 tiers added. Consider an upgrade?
  • At $3 you get to order my Shapeways prints at a big discount.
  • Physical rewards on a regular schedule, twice a year.

It was ever the idea that this Patreon would support my artistic activities outside work. That was important when I started because I didn’t exactly do much besides work! I was pretty burnt out. And you all helped to send me to painting and printmaking classes which healed my psyche to the point where I could begin to take myself seriously outside of the realm of the videogame career I was walking away from.  

Unfortunately, for a long time I lacked focus. When I went on a small speaking tour of the USA  last year I had figured a few things out, and I spoke about them. Mainly that I knew I was choosing what to take with me from my old life and into the next. (I’m pretty sure I made an audio recording of the talk at NYU, I’ll dig it up and share it with you.)  

I've kept on with 3D, renewed my commitment to that which has been my main occupation and obsession. I have always drawn and made sculpture but I find polygons to be my preferred artistic material. Freed now from the obligation to use my 3D skills in the service of commercial games I've had a desire to play.  

3D scanning changed from a hobby for me into something I use as a serious part of my process. I have a Sketchfab  account  where I share and distribute my models and scans. After making a few things for our friends in The Endless Forest, I’ve really gotten a fever for 3D printing. This is where you come in: I am now using all proceeds from my Patreon to translate digitally made artworks into physical artefacts. This is something I have long wanted to do! But I am not interested in plastic, I’m 3D printing in conjunction with traditional techniques, like lost-wax casting, to create sculptural objects. 

I’ve mentioned before that I have a regular job now. Yes, Tale of Tales still goes on (forever!) But I also teach at Parsons School of Design in Paris. I taught drawing the first semester and this semester I’m giving a class called DIMENSIONS . Basically a class I made up: I'm teaching my students how to model, scan, create in game engines, render, and make VR. Teaching is teaching ME a lot of things! I go to Paris once a week by train. I work all day then spend the afternoon and evening in the Louvre Museum before returning home. The Louvre is one of the best places in the world. In addition to being a great place to chill, being there regularly gives me a chance to examine artworks deeply and I’ve formed many an idea in the presence of the masters. My favourite works are actually the ancient ones, made by unknown artisans, which served some unknown purpose, or which separated from their original context become objects of mystery and can finally through the museum experience be admired for their beauty of form. 

I called this post “Goals.” for a reason. I’ve got some! While I’m able to make small experiments with the current level of contributions, I’m raising funds to get my own 3D printer so that I can experiment with things in my own studio, without having to use an external 3D printing service. I am also hoping to work with a local bronze foundry to make casts of my sculptures. (More on that in the next post!)  

What I’d like you to know is that your support is needed now more than ever. And I’ve made the reward tiers reflect this. There is now a $3 tier which I am hoping to encourage some of you who give $1 to switch to. In exchange, everyone who gives $3 or more gets access to any 3D printing project of mine, to order at base cost and without any price markup.
And if I can ever save up enough to get my own printer then who knows where we can go from there!  

So anyway, check out my new improved Patreon. Now with Goals. And if it’s not what you’re into, thank you for your support so far. If it is… if you’d like to continue with me, if you’d like to see more of what I’m going to do… let’s go!

in  gratitude,

ps. the image is an accurate representation of what's going on inside my actual head.