Goals, Subscriptions, Etc.
As I've mentioned previously, I'm streaming fairly often over at https://picarto.tv/alisatana; watching and following my stream is free to anyone.  If you become a Follower, you'll can receive notifications of when my stream goes live. 
Picarto also offers a Subscription option, where you pay Picarto $4.99USD/month and they in turn pay me $2.25 of that subscription fee.  So, if you would rather pay monthly for my efforts, rather than the Per Theme Pack payment model that I have set up here on Patron, that's an option, albeit one without rewards.

Speaking of rewards, I'm trying to think of something to better to thank you for patronage, if you have any ideas, please do let me know.

I've added a view goals, and removed the storefront goal. I'm researching shop options, trying to find a good solution to being able to give patrons store credit to use in the shop, or receive free downloads, etc.  Not only that, but my partner wants to try and make a frontend that really highlights the sprites.  So while the shop is up in the ether, I've removed it as a goal.

The new goals I've added are for character dialog portraits, such as the sketch I've attached.

Progress Update:

After having to bail out my bedroom from flooding this week, it's been a little crazy.  I've gotten 6 out of 44 frames of the Grassland Hero completed, and 5 more about halfway complete.  Streaming will be a little later in the day today.

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